I'm Nico. 20 years old. I like movies, tv-shows, video games, cats and space and stuff.

"Did you just snap my bra?"
"I was trying to be smooth…" 

It’s funny how relationships start, huh? I mean, who you end up with—sometimes it’s the last person that you would expect, or that other people would expect. But who cares what people think, right? As long as you’re happy. Of course it’s gonna mean some life changes, but I guess, well, I just said it. Life changes. […] But that’s okay right? Because she makes you happy.


Xena Meme:
↳Ten Quotes [7/10]

"The Ring" 

WAREHOUSE 13 MEME — five outfits
                  bering & sons plaid and glasses in the new guy (2/5)